Prairie Women's Sewing Circle - Take a step back in time, and learn the art of make-do quilting. This club is being offered both in-store and by mail. Each month you will receive a pattern and historical anecdotes of women on the prairie. There will also be a few "surprises" along the way as well as two bonus patterns! The cost for the entire program is $35.00. That's it! You are encouraged to use your stash for this program, but we will also have kits available exclusively to those who are members of this club, should you decide you need them.
The dates for this program are September 25, October 23, December 11, January 22, February 26 and March 26. Please note that due to the holidays, there will only be one class/mailing for November and December. If you would like to sign up for this club, you can do so here.